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Supported Single-Arm Dumbbell Row

Supported Single-Arm Dumbbell Row

Hold a dumbbell in your right hand, place your left hand on a bench in front of you, and assume a staggered stance, left foot forward. Hold your elbow in as you row the wight to the side of your torso. Do 10 reps, switch arms and leg positions, and repeat the movement.

Dumbbell Triceps Kickback

Dumbbell Triceps Kickback

Grab a pair of dumbbells, bend your knees and lean forward so your torso is nearly parallel to the floor. Tuck your upper arms next to your sides, bend your elbows, and hold your forearms about parallel to the floor, palms facing up. Simultaneously extend your arms straight back and rotate the weight so your palms end up facing each other. Return to the starting position. Do 15 reps.

Dumbbell Hammer Curl and Press

Dumbbell Hammer Curl and Press

Standing with your feet shoulder-width apart, hold a pair of dumbbells at arm's length by your sides, palms facing each other. Without moving your upper arms, curl the weights to your shoulders, and then press them overhead until your arms are straight. Reverse the move to return to the starting position. Do 10 reps.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Stretch Marks - Problems In Muscle Building

When it comes to Weight Gain and Muscle Building – the process if full of joy! But… there are some undesirable side effects at times (Hey! Nothing is perfect you know! ) In this article I will speak about one of them – Stretch Marks or striae (singular stria), as they are called in dermatology.

How and why stretch marks appear, and how to cure them later in this article.

The first signs of Stretch Marks

When you are performing your usual workout routines, you may notice that the skin gets red or even purple in the areas worked out. Some think of it as sweating or strain of the workout, but this is wrong! The saddest thing is that men usually think that they can not get stretch marks. But… we can – and when we face the fact, stretch marks are already in very bad condition.

Why do Stretch Marks occur?

We want to build gain weight, build big muscle but the skin, poor skin, has its own limits – it can’t be stretched so much, and – blam!, skin splits and leaves a stretch mark. Mostly people think that stretch marks is a problem of teenagers and pregnant women, but nowadays the problem has spread across the bodybuilders too. This is a problem of every person who goes to gym, even for them, who just want to tone up body! This is serious!

If you want to work out intensively you must use some kind of skin protection to help your skin withstand the heavy stretch. There are numerous of creams that help to prevent and even to cure those scars. The creams penetrate the sites where the skin was damaged and your own body begins to repair the damaged skin – this results in a healthy skin with barely noticeable stretch marks.

But don’t buy those creams without researching which would be the best for you! The market is fulfilled with /so to say/ crap. Don’t buy the creams from some “friends” or some unauthorized dealers, you should buy the creams from some sports nutrition shop (very effective creams) or the drugstore will work too (not always effective).

But remember that not always you can get rid of those stretches! Sometimes you will just have to give up the fight and think of something else… the best way is to avoid stretch marks not try to cure them. Keep your skin healthy all the time, not only when something bad has happened!

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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Testosterone And Muscle Building - Increase It Naturaly!

testosterone and muscle building
The word “testosterone” is very often mentioned in the world of bodybuilding. But what actually is it? We won’t talk here about it’s importance in your sexual life, and how it makes boy’s into men. We will talk here about why testosterone is important if you want to gain weight, build strong body and muscle and look like those guys on the magazine covers.

So, testosterone is a steroid hormone that is secreted in the testes of males and the ovaries of females. It is the principal male sex hormone and an anabolic steroid, but it is found in woman in a much lower dosage too (Thank God it’s so. I’m sure you don’t want a girlfriend that have bigger muscles than you do). This hormone is very important in building lean muscle mass and strength as it so anabolic. So it is not a surprise that many bodybuilders are using testosterone boost supplements to boost this hormone level in their body. Also it is important in increasing bone density - so the bones will get more stronger.

There are a lot of testosterone booster supplements. But how to increase this “magical” hormone level in our body naturally? Here you go:
  • OK, lets start with the most enjoyable thing - have a lot of sex! Yes, this is true! Sex helps to increase testosterone level in males. So go and tell this to your girlfriend. She want you to have beautiful, muscled body. So…
  • Limit your alcohol! If you are training hard all week, but having a lot of drinking parties in the weekend, don’t be surprised that you won’t see any progress. Don’t get me wrong - drinking some bear with your friends in Friday is very OK, but you have to limit your alcohol drinking habits to minimum in order to keep your testosterone level normal.
  • Eat some fat. It is proven that eating some fat is good boost of testosterone in your body. It does not mean that you have to go now and load up with butter or oil, no. I just want to say that do not be afraid of having some fat in your meals.
  • Limit your endurance training. Endurance training (swimming, long distance running, distance skiing e.t.c) decreases the level of testosterone in your body. Have you seen these marathon runners with big muscle mass? I have not. They are just "skin and bones". But do not forget that you need to do some stretching exercises and warm up with running or cycling before your workout in order to help your heart.
  • Limit your workout to maximum 1 hour. It is proven that hard workout is good testosterone boost if it lasts for maximum 1 hour. Just work very hard with less time to rest between sets. Very good example how to increase testosterone level in your body is by doing leg workouts that are high intensity and very brief. Squats with high weights or, for example, sprinting.
Of course, you can search for some testosterone booster supplements, but we recommend you just to keep in mind our suggestions. I’m sure you’ll remember the one about having a lot of sex. But all the other ones are as much important. Good Luck!

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Sunday, February 19, 2017

Strength Training For Fat Loss

Name one woman without dreams of beautiful body… you can’t. From NY to Moscow – fit body is always wanted and appraised by opposite sex. But there are right ways do exercise, make diets and set goals and there are wrongs ways… there are easier and there are harder ways… I will try to help as much as I can just to make sure that you will have the best shortcut available!

Strength training for women (let me finish..)  is one of the most effective ways to get and stay fit amongst men and women.

It helps to lose fat, shape body, increase bone density, improve balance, delay aging processes, it helps to IMPROVE you, it makes you feel better and be better! But remember to always consult with your doctor if you want to start weight training or some diet, or anything, because only doctor can truly say what is best for you (not me, not some “smartass” from neighbor house). And follow the tips your doctor will list down to you! That way you will keep your body and soul in perfect condition.

So some tips from me:
  1. When you perform some strength exercises let your muscles (those who you worked out that day) rest for at least 36 hours (or more) – this will help to avoid injuries and over training.
  2. You can’t lose weight constantly. And you can’t lose weight doing only one kind of exercises (crunches for example) even if you do them 300 reps a day. You can lose your fat only by considering good diet, getting good rest and exercising right way.
  3. You must follow your training program every workout. Concentrate on the exercise you are doing and forget about anything else on the world… that exercise, THAT muscle is the only thing that matters!
  4. Regular training programs. Follow your training program in long term too! Don’t try new and new program from time to time… stick with yours and results will come. Replace your bad habits with good ones!
  5. You can change your workout program after doing it about 2 months. This is the time you will get bored with the routine… so switch it! It will help you keep focused and help your muscles not to get used to that load.
  6. If you want to lose fat combine you strength training with some cardio. Strength training first, cardio after (not counting warming up). Your body starts to burn fat only after 30-40 min of exercising… so 30-40 min weight training and afterward cardio with fat burning!

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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Steroids: Stanozolol (Winstrol)

Stanozolol, commonly sold under the name Winstrol (oral) and Winstrol Depot (intra-muscular). Winstrol is the most popular anabolic steroid used when it comes to cutting cycles. There are other popular ”cutting steroids” too – dianabol and anadrol for example. Winstrol is for nothing else than cutting cycles, it barely (or not at all) ads mass, it adds some strength but comparing with other anabolic steroids it’s almost nothing. I think no one will try to use winstrol in bulking cycle (alone)… there are other steroids out there that does that better!

But some people use winstrol in bulking cycle… not to bulk up, but to lower SHBG, one if winstrols properties are lowering SHBG but you need to use a very limited dose if you are trying to do this in a bulking cycle. In fact – winstrol is the best what you can get when it comes to lowering the SHBG! A dose of 2mg/kg lowers SHBG significantly and because of that the amount of free testosterone circulating in body increases. The same as 99% of other steroids – the suppression level of natural steroids will occur (perhaps not so much as other steroids). So when you are running any testosterone supplement (for example testosterone cycle with winstrol) is warranted to avoid sexual disfunction.

Winstrol/Stanozolol side effects

Stanozolol is 17aa compound, this means that it´s been altered to endure the first pass through your liver without being destroyed. So this means that stanozolol is orally active compound and you can take pills instead of doing needles (of course needles will be less harmufull and more effective than orally taken stanozolol!). Pills are available as well from Underground Labs as from legitimate pharmaceutical companies (the last ones requires prescription though). Stanozolol is very liver-toxic because it is a 17aa substance, in fact stanozolol has one of the worst hepatoxicity (mg for mg) of any steroid. This makes stanozolol to be so hard to combine witn bulking cycle – the dosage will rise so as the damage to liver. Stanozolol has undesirable results on cholesterol too. Many people take stanozolol only pre-summer to make that tight beach look. Stanozolol should be limited to six weeks of use, but many people run it for 12 weeks without any problems.

Effects of using Winstrol/Stanozolol

As said before, stanozolol is a cutting anabolic steroid – so the results are – dryer look. Of course there are some bad effects too – some people report ”dry” joints. Athletes in explosive or high impact sports should stay away from this drug, because it weakens tendons (this could lead to possible injury). But this is individual – some can suffer from ”dry joints” some not.. Stanozolol is an unique compound – available in oral (winstrol) form and in injectable (winstrol depot) form. Both forms contain the same ammount of compound. Injecting it has the advantage because you can avoid the ”first pass” through liver which is the most toxic part for liver.

Winstrol profile (Stanozolol)

Molecular Weight: 344.5392
Molecular Formula: C22H36N2O
Melting Point:N/A
Manufacturer: (Originally) Sterling
Effective Dose(men): 50-100mgs/day
Effective Dose (women): 2.5-10mgs/day
Active Life:8hours
Detection Time:3 weeks (oral) to 9 weeks (injectable)Androgenic/Anabolic Ratio:30:320

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Friday, February 10, 2017

Water Is Vital For Muscle Building

water in bodybuilding

You aren’t getting enough

You shouldn’t count soda and coffee. Though they are liquid beverages that increase diuresis and when that occurs water is being held in body. 6-8 glasses of water isn’t enough for you if you are training hardcore. You need more, at least half a gallon… each and every day.

Metabolizing fat

Without enough water, the kidneys can’t function properly. When this occurs, some of the load goes to the liver. The liver metabolizes stored fat for energy. If the liver is doing some of the kidneys’ work, it burns less fat. And water  actually reduces feeling of hunger.

Reduces Fluid Retention

When you drink plenty of water you cut down your body water supplies.. the body has mind of it’s own – when you drink water a little, body thinks that there will be a shortage and starts to build ups its water supply ( you skin start to look soft and puffy ) but when you drink plenty of it your body understand that there will be no shortage of water and flushes it right out – excellent.

Keeps you regular

Too little water, and your body uses the water from organs such as the colon. Plus, water allows you to digest your meals efficiently. This is especially true when you’re consuming more than 4,000 calories per day.

Helps individuals who get too much salt

If water retention is a chronic problem, it may be because there’s too much salt in your diet(and if it is so… don’t call it diet, but torturing your body). The higher the sodium intake, the more the body tries to retain water (to dilute its concentration). Try to reduce your sodium intake.. this is vital!

Helps your supplements to work better

Supplements like creatine work in part because it pulls water in muscle cells, creatine creates an anabolic environment that is vital for muscle growth, regaining your strength and more. For this to work properly, you need plenty of water. Plus, if you’re training hard, then you must take extra vitamins (such as Animal pack, Spa pack or similar). Many vitamins are water soluble, and water unlocks the power of those vitamins and this is what we want.

So consider all of this before drinking water glass.. and drink two. Always remember that water is the basic – not only the basic of your diet but the basic of yourself too!

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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Training Big Chest Muscle - Exercises And Tips

big chest muscle
Ok, first thing I want to say is that we will not give you some kind of "perfect workout tips".. nothing is perfect. I will tell you the basics of training chest, what works better, some stretching tips and some exercises to stick with. But keep in mind that if something works well for me it does not mean that it will necessarily work good for you – so we will keep it pretty basic.

If you want to build serious chest you should learn a bit of chest anatomy first.. so here we go – anatomy:
  • Pectoralis major - The pectoralis major is a large fan-shaped muscle that covers the rib cage. It consists of two parts, upper and lower. The pectoralis major’s primary functions is to flex, adduct, and medially rotate the arm. 
  • Pectorialis minor - The pectoralis minor is a small, triangular muscle, located deep under the pectoralis major. Its primary functions are to depress and rotate the scapula downward.
Ok, enough of anatomy - move to exercises. These are not the only one exercises -these are the most popular ones and that if for reason – they work!

  • Bench press - the main chest training exercise.
  • Incline dumbbell bench press – exercise is targeted to the upper pecs – the part of chest witch is very difficult to develop. If you would look to 100 bodybuilders in line you would notice that a lot of them has quite poorly developed upper pecs, many attributes this to genetics, but this is not the only thing that matter this time.
So - how to perform this exercise. Get a bench and dumbbells! Drop your elbows and place them a bit forward, stick your chest out and place your shoulders back. If you will do this correctly you will feel the stress in your pecs, not elbows.

  • Flat bench press – similar to bench press with barbell but safer and allows longer range of motion witch is good. As said for previous exercise – chest out, shoulder back. Squeeze your chest after every repetition. 
  • Flat dumbbell fly – great chest isolating exercise! Technique the same as previous exercises, but be careful, start with very little weight because you can easily live in some serious injuries if you will not do it properly. Good workout finishing exercise. 
  • Decline machine bench press – minimized risk of injuries performing this exercise, great to finish workout because after performing this one your pecs should be nearing failure. Also a good exercise to finish workout.
Stretching my friends! THIS IS IMPORTANT! You should.. no you MUST stretch your chest! If you will not stretch the chest you will get bad posture after some time of intense training.. and if you will have round back (witch is not good anyway) your shoulders will be pulled towards making your chest look smaller and many, many more problems – it is easier to stretch.

You can stretch your chest in several ways, but I will show you the most common and most effective – bent arm chest stretch. This movement is performed as follows - place the inside of your forearm on the wall, and turn your body away from your bent arm. If you place your elbow lower on the wall, the upper chest becomes more stretched, and if you place your elbow higher on the wall, the lower chest gets more stretched.

The training frequency – I suggest you to train chest once a week. This is because your muscles need to recover after training. If you will train more often you will probably end up over trained and your progress will be slow. So train once a week and take a week off from trainings every couple of months because your body must recover fully at times too.

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Friday, February 3, 2017

Womens Workout For Fat Loss And Muscle Toning

womens workout

We will start off with just some cardio listing to get into the subject a bit closer (you can chose your favorite cardio exercise too!). Swimming, running, riding bicycle, dome of the modern kick box cardio and those million cardio machines in gym – you can chose the one which feels the warmest for your hearth (and health!). Well, the fat loss for women is a bit easier for  than it is for man. It is easier because woman don’t have so much testosterone circulating which aids in muscle building and bulking up.

But it is harder because of the characteristics and lifestyle of women (no offense) – you know, you meet your so loved sex-and-the-city type friends, you go to cafe and take a piece of cake or something that way. Don’t get upset because of it but this is true – and it is just OK. I will list down some tips and tricks to help you out, to help you tighten your muscles and get rid of some fat.


Well, sorry, I listed down only the high-speed-sweating cardios, but there is more, if you don’t like the sweating and running things – pilates. I will write more about pilates in some further article, because pilates are really helpful for a lot of women. But if you like cardio – go for it!

There is more than only cardio and many of you could find this amusing, but you can lose weight by training with weights! This burns fat as good as cardio because of those women body characteristics I mentioned before! That’s not magic – that is your magical body! Weight training boosts up your metabolism therefore you can burn fat more effectively AND tone up your muscles! Forget about that running-starving things, that is oldschool and with no scientific foundation at all! But try not to stuck up on one specific cardio exercise, even if you like pilates as your moms perfume in childhood – try to run or swim from time to time, in that way you won’t stuck up in a boring routine, this will help you stay motivated.

Intensity – well this is really hard to say because we all are different, we can’t do the same things but remember that your body doesn’t burn fat when you start running, it needs 15-20 minutes to run down that stacked up energy. So you can do some aerobics and warm up for some 15-20 minutes and then go straight to your cardio. At the beginning try to do as much as you can but afterwards you should perform your cardio routine for about 40 minutes a week. That would be perfect!


Warmup – some stretching and some cardio just to get your blood flowing and get your body ready to perform the workout (AND of course avoid injuries). Do from 12-20 reps with 3 sets each. Just remember to do everything slowly and concentrated.

Legs and butt:
  • Squats, this exercise will help to develop your legs in general, strengthen them a bit.
  • The next exercise you should perform is stiff legged deadlift, but be careful with this one – once done improperly – you can really hurt your back as you go!
  • Lunges, the top exercise for butt, this exercise helps you to form and strengthen your butt.
  • Calf raises (standing or seated – your choice) just to help your legs to handle that high heels.
  • And lastly -Hip abduction/adduction – exercises for the inner and outer pars of your quads.
  • Biceps – bicep curls with light weight (0.5-2 kg would be enough)
  • Triceps extensions same weight as biceps

  • Crunches – this is so simple! The most popular exercise for abs training, but not the most effective. The main thing here is concentration! Do them slowly and very concentrated. Concentrate on your abs, not your back or neck. 
  • Hanging Leg Raise – Raise knees toward  your shoulders by flexing your waist. This is a nice stretch too. Do not swing, go slowly and concentrated!
  • Dumbell side bend – don’t forget to train your obliques too. Stand straight with your feet at shoulder width. Hold a dumbbell in your right hand with your palms in. Place your left hand on your waist. Keep your back straight. Bend to the right as far as you can, then bend to the left as far as possible. After finishing your desired reps, change the weight to your other hand and repeat. Bend at your waist only, not at your hips or knees!
  • Bicycle – This exercise will add the wholeness to your abs workout by adding some stress to all of the abs muscles.


I don’t really want to push my own designed diet on you,  there are some basic thing that you should or shouldn’t do.

  • Eat small – eat for some 5 times a day, this will guarantee that your body will use as much food as it can and stack up almost no fat
  • Watch what you eat. Beware of low-fat or fat-free products. Typically, these products are loaded with carbohydrates and while you are not getting the fat, you may be getting way too many calories from simple carbohydrates
  • Avoid simple sugars and eat complex carbohydrates in moderation to reduce insulin output and prevent blood sugar fluctuations. Insulin is the main hormone responsible for storing body fat, and high insulin levels prevent the burning of stored body fat for energy.
  • High-carbohydrate diets are not the optimal way to lose fat while preserving lean muscle. Rely on complex, high-fiber carbohydrates such as oatmeal, lentils and brown rice. Avoid breads, pasta, white rice and other highly processed, low-fiber carbohydrate sources, as well as sweets.
  • As a guide, reduce carbohydrate intake to 0.8 to 1.2 grams per pound of body weight. For example, a 150-pound person would eat between 120 and 180 grams per day of carbohydrates (150 x 0.8 = 120 / 150 x 1.2 = 180).
  • Increase the amount of lean protein you consume daily to increase your metabolic rate, increase anabolic hormones and prevent muscle loss during dieting. Lean muscle mass is the active tissue that burns calories and maintains metabolic rate.
  • The goal is to preserve the active tissue we want while encouraging the body to reduce the tissue (fat) we don’t want. Eat high-quality, low-fat protein sources like skinless chicken, lean red meat and seafood during your weight loss program. High-quality protein supplements may be used when the diet does not yield enough daily protein.


I don’t know why I’m writing about motivation last but this is the most important thing! You need to focus on the body you want to achieve, you must concentrate to reach your goals, never give up!
  • Once you have become familiar with your body and what kind of activity you prefer, if you find yourself still bored, perhaps ask a friend, co-worker or family member if they want to join you occasionally for a short work out. It doesn’t have to be someone you already know, it can be a just-for-cardio or just-for-exercise friend, an on-line diet buddy, or a like-minded running partner.
  • When the urge to get up and go leaves us glued to the couch or the computer desk, introducing the fear factor into the equation doesn’t always work, but is worth taking a look at. Alone, just the benefits of a regular, long-term exercise program and healthy diet are endless. Reported benefits include increased overall energy, better mental focus, more self-esteem, a better sense of control over your life, reduced chance of a heart attack, less chance of osteoporosis, breast cancer, lung cancer, cervical cancers, overall increases in strength and stamina.
  • Read! Read! And Read some more! There are magazines, websites, books, and endless other sources of information, so there is no excuse not to be a know-it-all when it comes to exercise and fitness! Learning new ways to burn those calories, or new exercises will help keep your workouts fresh and keep your body from becoming efficient (too good) at a certain exercise, thus making it less effective than it once was.
Remember that you are doing all of this for you and only you! Just get into the routine and this will become a part of your life, an important part! You will feel better and you will be more healthy… and yes you will be a lot more sexy and self confident too!

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Ultimate 30's Workout

Increase the amount of testosterone and growth hormone your body produces by working multiple muscle groups and keeping rest periods short. For cardio, your lactate threshold can still be increased throughout your thirties, so intervals are king to counter any loss of lung power.

Ultimate 40's Workout

Short, sharp shocks are the way to fire up your body in your middle years - which means you can forget long-winded weights workouts. Vary exercises, intensity and timings to keep your muscles guessing.

Ultimate 50's Workout

You may not be able to lift the heaviest weight, but that's okay. Instead, stretching and yoga should be part of your training, and body-weight moves can replace heavy workouts. Do three sets of 10 reps of the following exercises to protect your joints and maintain muscle mass and testosterone.